So this thing growing in my lymph node under my jaw may be the mumps! It got worse overnight – I spiked a fever at 103.3 but a little Tylenol helped to bring that down. The growth is bigger this morning and is causing some annoying pain – will have to ask for Oxy later. So the doctors seem to feel it could be one of two things: 1) it could the mumps! in which case they give me sucking candies and wait for the thing to burst and drain on its own. or 2) it’s some other infection. If that’s the case, we’ll have to figure out whether draining or removing it is the right course. But we’re not going to know that until we get some pictures so I’m going for a CAT scan this morning.

Later today, we’re doing the bone marrow biopsy and I’m being put on a strict exercise regiment because my leg muscles are a little weak (mostly because I haven’t been out of bed much in the past couple of weeks.) I told the doctor to make sure she tells my mom — she’ll be more insistent than any physical therapist. 🙂

I just think it would be very funny if this turns out to be the mumps. After all I’ve been through, the last thing I would have thought I would have caught in a hospital would be mumps. At least it’s not a cancer malignancy.

I’m terribly behind in responding to emails, text messages and comments left at the blog. My energy level varies during the day and I try but I’m not always able to get back to everyone. It’s nothing personal.

Strength and Love,


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  1. Wow! Mumps! Who would have guessed that possibility?? Your little emoticon smile gives all of us readers an clue about your positive, strong attitude — keep it up!
    We love you,
    ABJ & UL

  2. Hi Seth:

    Mumps! I agree with Lenny, your strength inspires all! I am thinking about your quick recovery and you coming back to work really soon. We miss you a bunch and you and I must practice our duet!… “why do birds sing…”

    peace and many blessings,

  3. Hi Seth,
    Don’t worry about responding to EM’s, IM’s, BM’s, PM’s etc.
    We all know what you are up to and your notes mean the world to us.
    Peace to you!
    Alan, Lindsay & Debi

  4. MUMPS!!! what the…I got nothin’.

    I love you.

  5. Mumps!!! we’ll that’s an illness we don’t hear about that often…but unfortunately you can catch a lot of things in the hospital on your road to wellness…if it’s Mumps it won’t last very long although such a pain…

    Good for you to vent some frustration, anger…any emotion you feel rather than let it get pent up inside…also great you set some boundaries/guidelines so that you can manage your stay as you see fit….

    Sending you more hugs and kisses….

  6. Hi Seth,
    Left a short message on your cell phone, but guess this is a better way to communicate with you. Mumps? Unbelievable. Never had them as a kid? Anyway, they will leave as they came in a few days and I am sure with the medication they are giving you, that they wont be any real problem to you.
    We got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, late last night. Don’t know if you have ever been there, but it is a wonderful place. When you get better, and need a vacation away from it all, that is the place to go. It is the most magnificent scenery and weather that I have ever been in. Also the resort where we stayed is a five star plus resort….Grand Mayan, part of the Mayan Palace Group.
    I hope this note finds you better. Your report from this morning seems to be more upbeat then what I read for Saturday and last week. Time heals, Seth and while we don’t ever forget our parents, it is better to concentrate on the good rememberances that you had with him as a kid and adult. As his son, he will live in you and Alan for many years to come.
    Hope Alan is okay, please give him my regards. If you feel like talking on the phone, please do call (561 736-5478 – My private line or 561 889-9468 – my cell number). I know they are probably working on you much of the time and I hesitate to call, knowing that you might not feel like talking. So, from now, Ill leave that to you, however, I will continue to write you these short messages.
    My best to your Mom, Alan and of course, to you Seth, one of my favorite all time students. If there is ANYTHING I can do, let me know.

  7. Dear Seth,
    As we get ready for another Passover, we think back with fond memories of the Seder you led at your mother’s apartment a couple of years ago. Let us hope it won’t be too long before we are all gathered together again around the table.
    We read your blog every day and we think of you and your courage.
    The Harveys

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