It’s not the mumps!

Woohoo! Results of the CAT scan are back. I have an inflammation/infection that we are  going  to continue to treat with a specialized anti-biotic and monitor progress.  There is nothing to drain since the inflammation is in the muscle itself.

Did the bone marrow biopsy today. That went really well – got good samples today. Results should be back mid week so we can figure out next treatment steps.

I also learned today that there is no chromosomal damage! We’ve been waiting to hear this for a while. There are some chromosome effects that impede treatment. There are others that help it. Mine are not effected so my body’s natural youth and strength will have to take this on. Overall this is good news.

I did my physical therapy today – 2 laps around the floor. My new (personal) laptop has arrived and mom won’t hand it over to me until I do my exercises tomorrow. That sounds at least fair. At least worse than most physical therapists, but I’ll do it.

It’s late and I need to get to sleep but I wanted to publish the health update.

Strength and love,


3 Responses

  1. Good on you, Mum! Make Seth walk, as much as he can. And then tantalize him with the laptop…if I know Seth, he’s always in search of information and communication.

    So happy to hear it’s not mumps (I caught them on a driving vacation from Nova Scotia to Ontario, and had to be smuggled into the car repair shop – my mum said airily, “oh, no, she’s just chubby! Sssh!” My only fun thing that vac was going to African Lion Safari, where the people are trapped in cars…and they made me breathe on my little brother a lot).


  2. Woohoooo!!!!

  3. So, with all the stats being collected and published, how about a daily lap count beginning with this 2-lap day???
    Much love,
    ABJ & ULen

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