Yup – gettin’ blood today

Amazing how in-tune with my body I’ve become. I woke up this morning feeling relatively good but then as the morning drew on I knew I needed some red blood today. And of course it’s coming. Like usual, I feel a little feint and not much like doing anything. I hope it comes before I get too irascible. (It usually doesn’t. 😦 ) But afterwards, I always feel better. And at least it’s not like platelets where I run the chance of the allergic reaction. So even as I’m writing this the blood is here – they just brought in a machine to take my blood pressure and stuff and monitor me during the transfusion so it’s time to go.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Seth,
    I must tell you that your writings on the blog certainly keep me up to date with how you are doing. Jodi called me and mentioned that though she hadn’t spoken with you yet, you were playing phone tag. I am sure that she will make you feel better, she is a very positive person and very knowledgeable about Leukemia. I think you will enjoy speaking with her and I know that she will always be available to you if you need her.
    I wish you werent so far away. I would very much like to see you and talk with you in person. I hesitate to call you, know that you are tired especially after the treatments. I don’t want to disturb you. We are leaving for Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) on Sunday for a week, so I am going to call you Saturday morning, hopefully it will be a good time.
    Tomorrow (Friday) I have two arbitration cases, believe I told you that I am doing auto warranty arbitration cases on a part time basis since I retired. Well, tomorrow there are two of them. Actually I find them fun, keeps my mind working and the body moving. As I get older, it becomes more difficult to do things that a few years ago meant nothing. However, I want to keep my mind sharp and try to read and keep it operating as much as possible. Of course, at my age, we forget things lol.
    Stay positive, my dear friend, you will see that your going to come out of this and we will have dinner together at some fancy restaurant maybe over the summer when I am planning to drive up to New York. Maybe make a side visit to Philidelphia so that I can see you. Maybe at some future date you will feel well enough to make a trip down here. We would love to have you as our guest and show you around southeast Florida, a country by itself lol. Talk to you Saturday,
    Your friend, Cliff

  2. Dear Seth,
    Hope you still remember me but if not think of BU from almost 20 years ago and I am sure you will. I had googled you months ago shortly after you got VooDoo and was going to write but hadn’t due to the craziness of life. I googled you again tonight and discovered what was going on. All my thoughts are with you. You are at a great place for your care from my own personal experience and you clearly have an incredible support system. Please email me some contact info if you can. All the best and stay strong. I am just amazed that through all of your treatment you have been able to keep this site so updated. I always knew what an amazing guy are just never knew some of your hidden talents until now.
    Be well,

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