Room change

At 1am this morning, the nurse came to me and said that they had to change my room. The room I was in had a special feature called negative air flow which is sometimes needed for certain patients – not for me. Well – it was a nice run – almost a month in this nice big room. I moved just next door and it’s much smaller but without a special feature that future patients will need so I don’t think I’ll be moving. New address and phone are as follows beginning immediately:

Rhoads 7, Room 7006

rest of the address as always; only the last digit of the telephone number has changed – the last four are now 8117

If you need me to send you the full contact details at the hospital, please post a comment on the blog and I will email you the details directly – I hope everyone understands why I won’t post the full information here.

If you sent something to me prior to the move over the past few days, the staff here will re-direct all packages – no worries there. Just keep this on hand for future use.

What a pain. Not exactly what I wanted to be doing at 2am, but the staff was really good. 5-6 nurses helping me take everything off the walls, move my stuff – it went relatively quickly but I’m eager to get back to sleep and the adavan is trying to drip in but is having some problems. Hopefully back off to la-la-land soon.


3 Responses

  1. Seth:
    I have been thinking of and praying for you to regain your health constantly since I found out about your condition. You are one of the dearest men I have ever met and although we talk on a pretty regular basis, I just wanted to let you know that I am continuously sending positive energy your way for a steadfast and quick recovery.

    With lots o’ hugs and love from the deep south,

    chris g

  2. Seth–look at it this way–how many patients need 5 or 6 nurses to transport a bounty of good wishes through so many cards, notes, photographs, toys, DVDs and various gifts?

    Hope you have settled into the new room and are having a good day.


  3. Full contact details, please! Need to know where to send you goodies.

    Lots ‘o’ love coming at you from L.A.


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