2nd day of 2nd round of chemo

Last night we started the 2nd round of chemo – that’s considered day 1 or 7; today was day 2 – I just got injected with the Daunarubicin. Cumulatively, this is day 21 on the chemo regiment and that’s how the blood chart reads. To minimize confusion, I will use that number. It’s day 24 in the hospital. < sigh >

Last night was the first time while on chemo that I actually felt nauseous, even having taken the anti-nausea drugs. So I rang for the nurse, explained the situation and they gave me some adavan and I was fine. That was the first direct drug-related discomfort. Hey – I really can’t complain … too much.

Overall today was a good day. Blood counts were good. I had good times and felt very up and made a few laps around the floor. I’m tired now, but it’s 10pm and that’s to be expected. I’m going to take the resterall and fall asleep watch a new DVD sent from my list. (Remember – you don’t have to buy off the list, if you think of something else, great. If you have something you want to lend or send, cool – go right ahead – this is just a guideline.)

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes, cards and pictures.

Strength and love …


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