Many people have asked if I have a portable DVD player … I do. Others have asked what DVDs they could send. This is really the best way for me to pass the time – it helps to conserve my strength and is entertaining (don’t worry, Kip, I’m still working on getting up to speed on the DS Lite … thank you very much … but games require attention span which waxes and wanes with me during the day). And as much as I like watching movies, I don’t really collect them, but with the limited video resources here, I’ve compiled a list of DVDs that I would like. It’s at Kaboodle, and please use their reservation system so if you decide to send me something I won’t end up with six copies of the same thing. The list can be found here: http://www.kaboodle.com/sdpalmer/dvds.html?showAll=true (link opens a new window).

Thank you in advance. And please …. keep those photos coming …. as long as I still have wall space, photos are welcomed (even when I run out of wallspace, the photos will still be welcomed.)


5 Responses

  1. Seth

    What address should I send DVDs to. I am being a neanderthal. I searched your blog but cant find the address.


  2. Seth,

    I just ordered “Entourage Season One” from your list. Will get it out to you ASAP. Here’s an idea–since you are such a good writer/blogger, why not write Amazon customer reviews for all the DVDs you watch, and post the Amazon links, so we can all read your comments?

    Wishing you a healing peaceful week ahead,


  3. Seth,

    I’m sending you some DVDs – , 12 Monkeys and 8-1/2 are on their way (not Criterion, though). Plus, some others you didn’t list – Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Last Night (a bee-yoo-ti-ful Canuck feature), The Queen, Little MIss Sunshine (I know you’ve seen it, but ya gotta love Alan Arkin’s growl over and over).

    I just tore our video cabinet apart, throwing things out all over the place – Moulin Rouge, Legally Blonde (yes, I and II), Best in Show, Mulholland Drive, Sliding Doors, Drop Dead Gorgeous…

    Remember what Dorian said about Canadians? Yes, we arrrgh pirates. 🙂

    best, darling,

  4. Seth,

    I am truly sorry to hear of your health issues. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and longlasting recovery!

    I was on kaboodle and ‘reserved’ something for you. Am I missing something? Is there supposed to be some button which says “here’s what you’ve reserved — click to buy it and send it to Seth?” Sorry to bother you with this!!!

    Also, I have the sopranos set at home. Would it help you to borrow it?

    Let me know.

    Best wishes, as always,


  5. Seth–I just received “Entourgage Season One” and am sending it out today. Quite a slick package.

    I hope it is an enjoyable distraction for you.

    Thinking of you every day,


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