Overdue update

The past three days have been the “bad days” of post Chemotherapy that one would expect. It started with the blood transfusion earlier this week. While waiting for the blood, I was a real mess, cursing, throwing things and just feeling like, I gotta go through this again? More? But after the blood, I felt much better.

The day after I took a bit of a break. My realization that day was “I’m having all of these sick days, could I please have a well day?” So I curled up in bed and just basically chilled.

Next day wasn’t pretty. I needed platelets transfusion. Time before, I had an allergic reaction that required a couple of Benedryl tablets. Uh uh – not yesterday’s. Yesterday’s required almost 100mg of Benedryl – one pill and several shots – I was breaking out in hives all over and had welts on my body. This is not an unexpected reaction to the platelet transfusion but it’s an extremely uncomfortable one.

On top of all this, I’m dealing with a secondary infection: tiflitis – it’s an inflamation of the colon due to the absence of white blood cells. It’s been causing some pain in my gut and we had stop me on solid foods for 36 hours to help clear things up and increase the dosage and frequency of one of my antibiotics. I’m now on a liquid diet and let me tell you what the hospital gives you:

Broth that is clearly made from industrial strength bullion cubes which is then concentrated into what is essentially a colored salty broth. The chicken broth was yellow and very salty. The beef broth was brown and very salty. They both essentially tasted the same. And green jello? I have never been a fan of jello, but now that I’m sick, I don’t mind it so much. Red’s my favorite. But green? Whoever invented green jello should be shot (or at least long since dead). This stuff is gross.

After discussion with the doctor this evening, he’s allowing me to add rice and plain pasta to my diet to be mixed in with the broths. This is a good alternative and we got some rice tonight which my stomach seems to be tolerating well. I can also have my Saltines. (When I first started treatment, the doctors said it would be good to keep boxes of saltines around – they’re good snacks.) Admittedly, I would like to smear some peanut butter on them, but I think that’s a few days away.

Over the next few days, we’re going to focus on strengthing my colon and my stomach and trying to get rid of these secondary infections. Then, when we get the results of the second bone marrow biopsy (performed 7:30am on Tuesday – it was not entirely without pain, I might add), we’ll figure out the next course of action.

That’s all for now. Been receiving lots of letters, pictures, books, electronic picture frames, games, mp3 players, movies. Thank you so much. It all helps to pass the time  so much and the electronic picture frames are so cool – so great to see so many faces (thank you, AKQA and Tero — who went totally overboard!). My wall of pictures keeps growing and I just got my 2 favorite movies from my brother and sister-in-law, so it’s off to a little cinema verite for a few hours before I go to sleep.

Sorry if I don’t repons to emails, calls and individual comments – but I love to see them. I think I’m going to have another couple of down days before this picks up again. I’ll try to post when I can.

With strength and all my love,


3 Responses

  1. Hang tough man! Sounds completely awful man, I hope you get a well deserved well day soon. Get some rest and let your body heal. – Eric

  2. Seth,

    Well this ordeal certainly hasn’t squelched your sense of humor! (The green jello bit had me in stiches.) Truly sorry to hear about the difficulty of the last few days. I hope this weekend is better for you. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that front.

    Another big luscious photography book on the way to you next week (I don’t think there are any CT scans shots in it though. . .)

    Sending healing thoughts your way,

    Amy, David and Jay

  3. love love love and healing thoughts for you, sweetie.

    green jello? like, what flavour is that? spinach? kale? gah, I hope not – too fibrous for your delicate colon right now.

    Saltines rule! I’ve eaten two every morning before I even stand up (and no, I’m not pregnant) for the last 5 years. It gives your gut something to hang onto. Sorry for being so approaching-the-scatological. 🙂


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