Lots going on today

A little excitement to stir the otherwise monotonous tone around here. Although, not all good things, but all are certain on the path to the curative.

The doctors are concerned that I many have a secondary infection somewhere in my body which may be causing the recent fever spikes. So we’re going to a contrasted CT scan today – and I’m told I have much to look forward to with drinking the contrasting dye. They asked what I wanted to mix it with; of course, I asked for vodka, but the nurse said beer would probably cut the taste better. I think both are unlikely. I’m going to ask for champagne instead. šŸ™‚

This will probably also address my sore tummy issue as well. More pronounced when I’m laying down, I’ve had these dull pains in my stomach which I thought might be me backed up or gassy. But it could also be a sign of infection so having the CT scan done today will be a good thing to get to the bottom of things. It could be as simple as just switching up the antibiotics I’m on.

Then, of course, it’s time to receive a little blood. Not unusual, this happens as my levels drop. So, many moving pieces. And there’s a part of me that, while still strong and resolved to kick this thing, I am tired of being in the hospital. It’s day 17 and I’ve just had. Enough interrupting my life – can I get back to my own life now, please? UGH! So bored. And getting the TV turned on hasn’t helped – now I just sit like mush, not that I have much attention span to do other things. < sigh >

Anyway – more to come later.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Seth,
    Alan here. Have been following your daily trials & tribulations and want you to know that both Lindsay & I have you in our thoughts. When I told Lindsay about your illness, she immediately asked about Voodoo, wanting to know if Voddoo could come to the hospital to make you feel better.
    Life otherwise for me is moving along. I have a wonderful lady in my life for the past year,Debi and she too wishes you the best.
    Take care & we all love you Seth!

    SP> I wish Voodoo could join me but I have been speaking to the doctors about to trying to arrange a visit with her soon. Many thanks and my love to everyone!

  2. Greetings from the West…I personally would enjoy a good Pinot Noir or my new favorite varietal…the Malbec…and several really good ones from Argentina…but then again, they probably wouldn’t allow that either…lol.

    Being in the hospital or extracted from your hectic daily life is certainly a drag, and I do remember after a couple of days after a surgery, that sense of mushiness, angst.

    And knowing you (the whirling dervish) as I do, Iempathize with your plight of the moment, but this too shall pass. Ask them for more or different sleep medicine as sleep is a great curative…don’t try to force yourself to do, and seeing that you can’t be frustrated…just be…this a time to restore yourself from years of wear and tear, and I know you will come out of this fully charged and refreshed…I hope you don’t take this as a lecture, but as me reaching out in support…Again, when bored, I am only a phone call away….much love ….Mxoxoxoxoox

  3. Hi Seth, just wanted you to know that I check you blog daily and, while it is sad to know you have to go through this, it is truly wonderful to be able to “check in on you” every day.

    After 17 days I am sure that you certainly do just want to get out of there but you have a job to do there. It’s encouraging all of us. ; )


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