Voodoo at the dog park today

Voodoo at the dog park today

Originally uploaded by sdpalmer.

Allison, the dog sitter, took Voodoo to the dog park today. Apparently, she enjoyed herself. Got a good report from Allison, and even learned that it *is* possible to train Voodoo not to sleep on my bed or lounge on the couch. I can’t wait to try that. With daddy, you never know. I just have to remember not to spoil her šŸ™‚ … too much.

This picture really picked me up today. I’m at a low point in my therapy and am getting fevers a couple of times today and just feel very blah. I just look at this photo and can’t wait for me to bend down and be licked all over by her.

This is day 15 in the hospital – hopefully just 2 weeks to go.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Seth,
    VooDoo looks like she is enjoying the park! When you get to take her, it will be that much more fun!
    It feels a bit weird to write via your blog, knowing everyone who visits, gets to see all the comments. I’ll just have to get used to it.
    Ain’t technology grand?
    Hugs and much love,
    Aunt BJ

  2. Hey man hang in there, it sounds like things are really going very well w/ your treatment. Hopefully it won’t make you insane! It probably feels like you’ve been there forever now, but you are like over half way through the hospital stay now, right? That is a great milestone! You’ll be busy enough soon, so try to find the zen of nothingness (and let us know what that’s like if you do, ok?).

  3. Hey Seth:

    Don’t know you but we have some common friends here at Organic. Saw the pic of the dog and thought – well, he’s going thru all this but still has time to think about the dog so he must be an ok guy. Hope you feel better and you’re back shooing Voodoo off the couch soon. i can’t get my Black Lab off my White sofa so I can relate.


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