Day 9 10 (ooops)

(Actually, I’ve been in hospital 13 days now; it’s day 9 10 since they started the chemo)

So I am officially off the chemo now for a few days. We wait and watch my blood counts to make sure the chemo does its job. Statistically, the prognosis is looking good. I know that’s a weird of saying it, but my course of treatment is following 99.999% of other treatments which is a good indication. It’s also likely that I will not need a bone marrow transplant.

Yesterday, two interesting medical points of note – I spiked a fever which was easily controllable, and expected, and I had some platlets transfusuion (two bottles). I broke out in hives during the platlets but a little Benedryl and a good mid-morning nap and I was fine.

Late last night friends came to visit. It was great to see everyone and I’m really touched by our friendships. It also makes me feel almost totally worthless in this bed and in this condition. My focus generally isn’t what it could be and my desire to do work is outweighing my ability to do so. I know I have to accept this for another few weeks, but I don’t do “nothing” on vacations – even sitting by a pool, I’m reading, talking, playing a game or something. I am totally doing nothing in this condition because I just can’t focus. I just got a ton of DVDs and need to get a small portable player so I don’t have to take out the laptop everytime I want to watch. I think that’ll be today.

Best part so far is that I’m no longer hooked up to the IV pole 24×7, only at times when I need my medicine. This is a great thing and I’m hoping it will give me a little more freedom, though with interruptions every 18 minutes, all I really feel like doing is laying in bed and trying to snooze. 🙂


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