18 minutes! Or more frequently.

On average, every 18 minutes from the time I get up, until the time they take my bloods in the evening, there is another person from the hospital coming in out of the room. 18 minutes! That is the average. The rest of the stats bear out like this: in the earlier/later hours I will be interrupted at least once an hour, probably twice; during the morning, the average rate of interruption accelerates during the shift change so from 5:30am until the new shift settles in, the average interruption rate is closer to 7 minutes, and that happens twice a day! It is really the only complaint I have about the hospital and yet, I wasn’t getting this constant level of attentitiveness and good care, I’d probably be very much more upset.


2 Responses

  1. Seth,

    When I was in the post surgical wing of St Peter’s in New Brunswick, the nurse who came on duty at midnight (yes MIDNIGHT) woke all her patients up in a big booming voice. Why? To let us know the shift had changed!

    After two nights of this, I finally asked her why she couldn’t just let up sleep. After all, her patients were recovering from major surgeries and needed to rest. She replied in her big booming voice that made the IV bag shake, “I thought you would be happy to know I was the one coming on duty.” So, the whole week I was there, I never once was able to sleep through the night, and the knowledge of this particular nurse’s presence wasn’t all that healing! (I always asked for a higher dose of morphine when I knew it was getting close to shift change time.)

    All kidding aside, as you acknowledge, the poking and the prodding really are meant to help.

    Hope you have a good, restful day.

  2. Every 18 min…WOW…

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