Why no postings today?

I’m having a lazy day. All I really wanted to do yesterday was rest, but it felt like every few moments someone else was coming in here for something else. So I wanted a lazy day today. In fact, I got platlets this morning and was given two Benedryl tablets since I had some hive reaction to it. In any case, I’m keeping a log today of every things that happens, because I’m curious about the frequency and just how much real rest one can get in the hospital. I’m not going to publish details yet but welcomes comments to this post with predictions of the average number of minutes between events. Not sure how to reward the winner, but go for it.


3 Responses

  1. My best guess, including visits, phones calls and medical related issues is 4 Minutes (max) of rest time between all events.

    Am I close???

  2. maybe a half hour—maybe shorter especially if you are trying to nap….lol

  3. Hey Seth – you statistical devil!!

    I’d say 45 min, which includes time spent pretending to sleep which chases away those interruptions to your real rest that aren’t really that important.

    Be well – talk soon

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