So where’s Voodoo?

voodoo in the garden

Originally uploaded by this is emily.

So at first my mom was taking care of me and running home to take care of Voodoo. We got a dog sitter – highly recommended – here in Philadelphia so Voodoo’s taking a little bit of a vacation. At first, I was worried that she wouldn’t remember who I am when I get out of the hospital, but as my family reminded me, my cousin’s dog remembered my cousin after she spent 6 months hiking on the Apalachian Trail. I’m holding out for the best.

The dog sitter told me Voodoo’s already scoped out a comfy spot on her bed and was licking her hands as she made pulled pork sandwiches. Good Voodoo! I did, however, warn the sitter that Voodoo is a “counter terrorist”. 🙂

This is my favorite picture of Voodoo that my good friend Emily took this past summer on her deck.


2 Responses

  1. VOODOO! Oh, what a sweetheart. “counter terrorist” – I love it. Trudy and Nina are a tag-team in that department, I swear.


  2. What a beautiful dog!

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