Day 5 update

So my white blood cell count is going down. This is a good thing as it means the chemo is working and getting rid of the leukemia. My blood count is down and I’m going to be getting a couple of pints of blood today. This is probably helping to account to for my general malaise and depression today, but I’m hoping this will help me feel better.

My cousin’s daughters made the most beautiful note for me with a bright yellow bouncy ball. Whitney, Charlotte – I wish I coule play with the ball right now, but I look forward to playing catch with you when I’m out of here soon.

Also on the positive(?) side of things, my doctor told me I can have anything I want from McDonalds – that I’m going out to rush to go and get anything but the food has been so damn awful here, anything would help. AND – I just learned – and Ang and Chuck don’t kill me – but the doctor told me I can have bagels that came from one of the bagel bins (sorry about that), but that I’d have to stay away from the Russ and Daughter’s caviar cream cheese and the smoked fishes 😦 But soon — very soon.


2 Responses

  1. Gong xi fa cai, dear Seth! McDonalds ok but not gravlax or wild western nova? What kind of nutrition plan is this? Hope you can order in some Chinese food to celebrate new years. Great new pix! Sending love and healing vibes, Emily

  2. Alright man, get rid of that shit.. you go man. Hey are you listening to tunes… music does the body good… if you are share your faves w/ us… Look forward to more pics!

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