Chemo, day 2 update

Been feeling very groggy today mostly due to nausea and associated drugs to keep it away. So I’ve slept most of the day. Had a few visitors with great stuff: Mary and her son’s colorful dinosaur, a rabbi with some Manischevitz grape juice, UPS came by today with big posters from work (thank you everyone), Gail’s bear arrived, Leif’s photos (beautiful!) and another note from Deb. Thanks everyone. Walls are filling up nicely and I love the well wishes and sentiments.

Otherwise, it’s been a fairly quiet day.


One Response

  1. Hey Doc…
    Glad to see that after two days it’s SETH 2 and Chemo 0. Keep up the good work!

    Also…. just say the word and I will come get VOODOO to take him to Delaware for a good ole fashioned, off-leash, country walk!

    Hang in there…

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