Day 1 update

It’s been a largely quiet day. I’ve had a little discomfort with nausea feelings, but they gave me some drugs and it went away. They also made me sleepy so I’ve slept most of the day. Although tired, I still have good resolve to beat this.

I finally made a lap around the entire corrider of my floor. 17 laps around is a mile. I think it’ll take me a while to get there, but I had to finally get some exercise – sitting in this room all day with these four small walls is starting to drive me crazy.

 Everyone’s emails and comments have been incredibly touching and inspirational. Thank you!

A little break down tonight: we are putting Voodoo with a dog-sitter for the next month so I can focus on recovery and my guests and focus on their visit, and not having to take care of my dog. It was a little gut-wrenching, especially when I think that my entire life has been made to fit around hers. NO regrets, mind you, but it felt so awful, that a little dog like that can break my heart, and a lot of faulty bone marrow can break my blood.

Same routine as last night: Nurse Ashley is coming to aminister the Daunarubicin over the course of a few minutes and hang the Ara-C afterwards. Maybe more later, but it looks like it’s time to get started very soon.


One Response

  1. Darling Seth,

    You know, that in a heartbeat, I would drive down and pick up Voodoo myself, to take care of her, while you (and Doctor Kevin, natch) are taking care of yourself. I know it’s not the smartest idea, to cart her around all over the place, and you’ll want to be near her soon, but say the word, and I’m there.

    I think you look fetching with the new ‘do.

    Sleep well.


    Winston Churchill: When you are going through Hell, the best thing to do is keep moving. I saw it yesterday, and thought it apropos.

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