Day 1 – 7:45am

First, technically, this is considered day 1 of chemotherapy and I’m going to use that nomenclature moving forward. It was a largely quiet night. Nurses were in quite a bit to give more bags, but the sleeping drugs helped me not notice them or wake up enough to say ‘hi’ and then roll over and go back to bed.

When Doctor Kevin came in to greet this morning we discussed how was I was feeling. For the first time I noticed some minor nausea. I don’t know if it’s from just being nervous overall or from the chemo, but they just gave me something for it in the IV and I’m doing fine. My stomach is also a little tender to the touch, but that, Kevin said, is to be expected with the feeling nauseousness.

I’m a hot spot at night: my body temp really rises. And …. I sweat. Laying on a plastic-covered mattress with a thin sheet is just getting soaked every night. And I need more blankets as the night goes on. I told Doctor Kevin about it. I’m hoping they can do something.

Summary so far for first day: I’m not in any pain. I’m looking forward to having company and getting pictures for the hospital room redecoration project.

Breakfast is here. Time to eat. Doctor Kevin tells me I have to eat as many calories as possible this week in advance of my body dying out next week with the rest of my cancerous blood. (I think at some point today, I should post a little something about what the next two weeks will entail – what I just wrote probably sounds scarier than I think it is, but you don’t.)

Ciao, for now.


One Response

  1. Seth:

    Scotty just shared with me what is happening in your life. I want you to know that your not alone in this endeavour. You have many many friends, like me, that will be sending you positive healing thoughts and prayers.

    You are strong. Think of this as one long project launch. You know there are going to be some rough times ahead but at the end is success. You can make it. We are all for you.

    God Bless!

    Steve Holland

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