The first moments of chemotherapy

8:49pm: I am sitting in my bed, just having finished taking the anti-nausea drugs. I’ve cleaned up around the room, got out of my sweats, made myself comfortable in bed for the night. I’m awaiting my drugs. There is a certain anticipation I wasn’t expecting. At first I was non-plussed. Then I was scared. Mostly today I’ve been anxious. And now, I’m like, “bring ’em on already — what the fuck am I waiting for?” I’m here. I’m ready to go. Let’s just do this. Impatient NY’er 🙂 The blog entry gets created and this first paragraph written. I fidget and read a little Proust while I wait.

9:27pm: Holland is here to clip my hair!!! Yippeeee!!!!!

9:55pm: Holland finishes clipping my hair and I rinse my head off in the bathroom.

Camera phones are notoriously bad at pictures. Click on the photos to see them bigger at Flickr, but I really do look rather sharp, if I say so myself.

10:00pm: Nurse Ashley says they’re nearly ready.

10:15pm: Nurse Ashley is here to administer the Daunarubicin. She’s injecting it manually over the course of the next 5-10 minutes. This is standard procedure to ensure it doesn’t enter the bloodstream too quickly. This is the first of the chemo drugs. I feel no different, and apparently, that’s expected.

10:27pm: We’re done with the Daunarubicin. Now, we’re hooking me up to the Ara-C.

This will be the final entry tonight, as I hope it will be an uneventful evening.


7 Responses

  1. Darling, I am glad this is about to start. Please tell me what chromosome pair is affected and if there is a name to the clinical trial — my cousin is an expert in Leukemia and he told me yesterday YES you can RECOVER — I want to tell him specifically what you have and what treatment they are giving you and proposing, and get feedback. Happy Valentine’s. We love you.

  2. its about time…so this is your plan to cut down on wind resistance as you run from one side of the room to the other….so you now you know how Michael Jordan feels, wait a minute, that’s a sports reference… am writing this and it’s tomorrow, well it will be when you get to read it, just got back from an evening of Rumba, yes you read that right….there’s always a first time 🙂

    we’ll catch up later, get your rest

  3. Seth, your courage is amazing! All of our good thoughts are coming your way. I love the new look! Maybe in addition to posters, we need to get you a photo printer. Will they allow that in your room?

    SP> Not sure, but trying to keep the room to a minimum of furniture to maximize visitors. Thanks, Jessica.

  4. You wear bald very well. And look even younger of flickr (than you normally do) a full 26… Will call you in a little bit.


  5. Seth

    You know how some people, once they start to lose their hair, take the plung, and shave their entire head and the end result, is that they look BETTER without hair….Well, sorry, but that isn’t true in this case!

    You seem to be doing amazingly well, and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Just last weekend, I had the pleasure in playing in a LEUKEMIA SNOW SOFTBALL game (this is my third year). Imagine playing softball on a spring afternoon….Change that spring afternoon, to February morning, wind chills at ZERO, and forgot the best part, the ball fields are covered with SNOW and ICE. The best hits are hard ground balls that go UNDER the snow, then you have to try to find the ball!!! By the second inning, you can’t feel your fingers, or toes, and you are just looking forward to getting to the hospitality tent to get something hot to drink (or a beer if you so desire!) In this small way, I hope that I am helping with your battle. We can tell by your postings, that your head is inthe right place, and your will kick ass! Can’t wait to see you soon

    Ryan, Ellen and Steven

  6. You look fab, can’t wait to see it is person.

  7. Dude, you look pretty good with that new hairdo. Shocking… 🙂

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