Day 5 – getting ready for Chemo

I could see in my life getting ready for a lot of firsts: first little-league baseball game, first schoool play, first prom. But to say I’m getting ready for Chemotherapy for the first time sounds odd. It’s so random. And yet, I am. The Hickman line helps to deliver the chemo, and the anti-nausea drugs which are supposed to be really good today.

This morning I asked my mom to gather up a few more photos from my apartment to bring in. And this is a reminder to everyone else that the photos / visuals are needed ASAP. Chemo begins tomorrow and I’m going to want to see everyone right away.

I haven’t finished reading over the trials papers yesterday for the new drug trial and I am having trouble understanding some of it. It’s a little overwhelming to present something like that to a patient the day or two before they start on chemo. There are enough disturbing choices to be made already.

I just find it ironic that a week ago today I was getting ready for a code release and now I find myself facing a poison-release on my body … and they’re both voluntary. How weird is that?

I’m really focussing on the chemo today in advance of treatment tomorrow. I’m reminded of Socarates’ last words, “I drank what?” šŸ™‚ I can’t help but find those little quips.

Anyway, must dash. There are two more people I need to call and let know what’s going on. And breakfast has arrived.


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  1. Hey Seth,

    I recently heard about your diagnosis man, and I’m really sorry to hear about it. Life throws shit at ya sometimes and you just gotta prioritize, fight back, and beat it. FYI – I very good friend of mine back home in Canada was diagnosed with the same thing 4 years ago. He was also in advertising. Funny thing…he quit. He used his time to dump a lot of his access energy into his photography and travel, and now he’s amazing at it. He always had a good eye for it, but now he’s one of the better photographers I’ve seen in a while – For real. Here’s his flickr site:

    After his first round of chemo, he followed his passion and now his life is even better than before. His illness forced him to live bigger. And now that he’s getting better – Life is great!

    Have a peak at his site, feel free to contact him if you’d like, and play as much piano as possible. Who knows? Maybe the next time we see ya it’ll be at Lincoln Center? šŸ™‚

    Get well dude. Godspeed.

    Cheers, J

  2. Good luck w/ the chemo… did you decide to participate in the trail or go w/ ‘traditional’ approach? Those trial docs are hard to read, we deal w/ them here and they are not breezy reading.

  3. Hey Seth –

    My son Max was a 25 week preemie and I did a blog of sorts to help get through that… lots of hurdles for a pound and a half baby to get through the NICU (and he’s doing great at 4 1/2 now!). What makes me think of it here is how great it was to get everyone’s support and positive energy – I really feel that made a difference in how things went for him… Believe me, more people than you know are checking in on you and thinking of you.

  4. Hey Seth,

    I just heard about your diagnosis yesterday. I’ve been thinking about you and sending you all the good/positive “JUJU” I can summon up. The Ziddio team misses you here at Comcast and we hope to have you back in the trenches soon.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I’ll be checking in on you through this blog… so keep writing — and hang in there!

  5. Dear Seth,

    I bid you greetings from the QA Team. I have no words to make this go away or to make you feel better. I can’t imagine what you’re going through or the emotional rollercoaster you must be experiencing. I’ll share with you what my Grandfather used to say, “Trust God in all things.”

    Stay strong. Stay positive. Stay sarcastic and witty. Stay.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. Dear Seth,

    Who said ” Courage is the realisation there is a higher purpose…”?

    You, my dear friend, have always displayed the type of bare assed courage and determination l have always been in awe of. Courage to laugh, cry and rage at the world.

    How about this, lets just start at the end where you are fit and healthy and we can all help fill in the gaps from now till then?

    With you,


    P.S. I’ve always found shaved heads sleek, admirably decisive and elegantly sexy…

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