Day 4 – good groggy morning

I’m usually up and funcitoning at 8am. I may not be at work, but I am work-ready. On this 8am, I’m a little groggy. I took an extra dose of the sleeping pill which put me right out last night around 11pm. 1am they come in with the platlets so they can do a procedure later. Go right back to sleep.

This morning, I woke up, typical blood draw in the morning, changing of the anti-biotics on the IV and another red pill (stool softener). Great fun.

Today, I’m scheduled to get my Hickman line installed – this makes it easier to connect me to the machines that give me the chemo drugs. It’s an accessory no one in this position should be without.

My thoughts today are drifting towards understanding chemotherapy. What the drugs are, how they work, what’s going to happen to me. And I think as we start to come up with the treatment schedule, there will lots of that discussion.

My stomach is already churning.

 On a health news side, I’m still feeling basically fine. The swelling in my cheek has gone done tremendously.

 In re vanity: I haven’t shaved since Thursday and while this look isn’t bad, I don’t want to fuss with a clippers to trim it and make it look good … but … WAIT … FLASH! … they brought me clippers so I can shave my head before the chemo does for it (stay ahead of it one step at a a time), so maybe then I can trim I nice beard to look good with my shaved head … or at least try it out. Picures, of course will follow.


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