Day 3, first posting

Doctor Kevin just came in to see me this morning. I’m going to get a dental x-ray today to get a better look at the area that’s affecting my cheek. I’m also supposed to be getting the bone marrow test, but he needed to consult the HEMONC (hemotologist oncologist) specialists. (I actually like that acronym, HEMONC.)

Even though I took a sleeping pill, I found it very difficult to sleep last night. The enormity of the situation is starting to weigh heavily on me: just how serious a disease this is, what chemotherapy actually is, how long this will go on for — and it raises all sorts of other questions about my job, my income, my dog, my life. I have no answers, only questions and I know I need to wait another few days but it just seems like my entire life is in the balance of knowing what kind of Leukemia I have before I can figure out anything next. I’ve never been faced with a threat of this magnitude. I’m trying to be strong and positive, and I know I can put on a great outward face, but inside, I don’t know if I’m equally as resilient.


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  1. Seth – I just saw your email and then this. Believe me you are in my thoughts…I am considering adopting a religion so I can pray for a speedy recovery. But I know that you of all people have the strength and will to overcome this.

  2. Hey Seth – I’ve been thinking about you ever since I got that email. I can only imagine that you’re overwhelmed by a whole range of different feelings; and that it would be strange if you weren’t. The only advice I can think of is to take one thing at a time and not demand too much of yourself – it’s going to take all your strength to deal with things that are right in front of you in the next few days and weeks. Everything else will be dealt with when they need to.

  3. Seth! Keep your head up, dog! You’re gonna beat this thing, we’re rooting for ya.

  4. I just saw your email, and I don’t even know what to say. But what I can say is that I will be out this weekend looking for fun things to send you from good ol’ Dallas, Texas. Any requests? 🙂

  5. Seth – got your note to the Viant alum group… good luck on this journey and know our thoughts are with you.

  6. thank you everybody

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