Day 3 – early supper time

It’s just about 5pm on East Coast when I started writing this post. After writing the last posting, I was whisked away for a dental exam. Now for those of you who don’t know me – or know me very well – the dentist scares the living daylights out of me. Long story — for another blog. But this was painless. Stand up. Bit on the bit. Buzz, whirl, whirl, and they did a full shot of all of my teeth.

Patient transporter picked me and took me to my PET scan. Woohoo! Two injenctions, I was glowing. Machine comes in and gets nice, close and personal. After about 15 minutes I said something to the technician like I’m getting a little claustraphobic and her response was “just another 3 seconds”. But 3 seconds elapsed and I was taken up to my room where I found my mom sitting with a strange guy.

Turns out this guy is a very distant, non-blood cousin on my mother’s brother-in-law (my uncle). I knew he lived and worked down here and had wanted to be in touch earlier, but just wasn’t. I think it’s just great that no matter how thin the blood is, that he was there. Of course, it’s also beneficial when he’s a researcher at the same hospital. While we were talking about the general situation at hand, my doctors came in. The big guns.

A serious discussion on chemotherapy ensued. A question I asked was (this is somewhat parenthetical) “So why do we nearly have to kill a body in order to know if bone marrow can produce any good blood cells? Isn’t there a way to test the bone marrow even while it’s defective to find out if it can do a better job if the cancerous cells weren’t in the way?”

I am astonished at the barbarism of chemotherapy. Now being faced with it myself, I don’t mind telling you how much more stomach-churning it now seems. However, there are great advances, so they say.

But if you’re looking for the answer above, it’s this: there are tests for such things, but they have not yet proven reliable. Chemotherapy, while barbaric (my word, not my doctor’s), is certain to show whether the body can produce good blood cells on its own or not.

That’s the real shocking part for me. I have to practically kill myself with this poison to determine if my own body can produce enough of the right kind of blood cells. If not? Bone marrow transfusion and other therapies. We haven’t gotten that far yet, but we’re hoping tomorrow.

Later this afternoon I did the bone marrow test – yeah, it’s pretty intense …. needs going into the bone to scrape out some marrow. Did it from the hip – literally … my hip. Didn’t hurt. Some pain in the middle of the procedure with one of the scrapes, but not intollerable. The adavan kept me pretty calm throughout. Procedue done in 15 minutes.

OK. Now I’m ready to eat.


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  1. Hey babe, a friend of mine who has had breast cancer TWICE! did really really well having hypnosis before her chemo. Something to think about. She virtually was never sick and was hardly nauseous. Not sure if you’re open to some of the alternative stuff you can be thinking about and looking into, esp. on the spiritual side, but you might enjoy “Why people don’t heal and how they can” or “Anatomy of the Spirit” both by Caroline Myss. also has some amazing insights. Click on the chakra button (poorly designed flash site) and read all about the second chakra as this is a second chakra issue. The questions are worth working on, very growth oriented. Here are some #’s for hypnosis in case you’re interested:(215) 402-0418, (856) 694-0377, (215) 751-0425, (215) 557-6800, (215) 673-5551. Peace & Love & Courage.

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