Days 1 and 2

After I got the call on Saturday, I needed to show my mom around my new apartment, get her acquainted with where the trash goes, how to walk and feed the dog, how the kitchen is organized, etc., and then we headed over to the hospital. I spent many hours in the ER just waiting for my room. Finally, late in the day, they moved me up to Rhoads 7 which is the oncology ward. I have a nice, large, private room. Lots of urgly walls and bad lighting. And yes, I think I can complain if I’m going to be here a while! (Although I know there’s nothing to be done.)

Mostly on Day 1, they drew a lot of blood and did a CT scan on my face to figure out what was going on with the swelling. Later, they did a chest x-ray and late that night they did another CT scan, this time with contrasting dye. I found it very difficult to get to sleep that night. I’m on several anti-biotics (cefepine, flagyl, voriconazole) all trying to help treat the infection I have as a result of the Leukemia. And, as with most people, my body temperature went up at night, and while that’s ordinarily no cause for concern, for leukemia patients it’s a red light: it could indicate an infection in the body and since I have essentially nothing left of an immune system, they had to draw blood, which I can tell you as less pleasant at 1:30 in the morning when you’re trying to go to sleep than it is at 6:30am when they wake you up the next day.

Day 2 was fairly quiet. Meds on the IV. My mom brought over the laptop. A group of my closest friends came down to visit. Spoke to many many people. It’s been difficult getting in touch with everybody, partially because there are so many people to reach out to, and partially because I’m starting to grow weary from telling the story over and over again. Plus, when I talk, I’m scraping the inside of my cheek where it’s swollen and that makes things very uncomfortable.

No major tests on Days 1 and 2. Bone marrow test is scheduled for Monday (Day 3). That will help determine what kind of leukemia I have. But more on that later.


2 Responses

  1. Seth – I am so sorry to hear your news Emily Davidow just told me. I am sending healing thoughts your way. Keep processing – I wish I had words to to say to make it all better. I am thinking of you. All my love, D

  2. Thanks, Deb. Sometimes just what you wrote are “those” words. My love to you too!

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