Lots going on today

A little excitement to stir the otherwise monotonous tone around here. Although, not all good things, but all are certain on the path to the curative.

The doctors are concerned that I many have a secondary infection somewhere in my body which may be causing the recent fever spikes. So we’re going to a contrasted CT scan today – and I’m told I have much to look forward to with drinking the contrasting dye. They asked what I wanted to mix it with; of course, I asked for vodka, but the nurse said beer would probably cut the taste better. I think both are unlikely. I’m going to ask for champagne instead. 🙂

This will probably also address my sore tummy issue as well. More pronounced when I’m laying down, I’ve had these dull pains in my stomach which I thought might be me backed up or gassy. But it could also be a sign of infection so having the CT scan done today will be a good thing to get to the bottom of things. It could be as simple as just switching up the antibiotics I’m on.

Then, of course, it’s time to receive a little blood. Not unusual, this happens as my levels drop. So, many moving pieces. And there’s a part of me that, while still strong and resolved to kick this thing, I am tired of being in the hospital. It’s day 17 and I’ve just had. Enough interrupting my life – can I get back to my own life now, please? UGH! So bored. And getting the TV turned on hasn’t helped – now I just sit like mush, not that I have much attention span to do other things. < sigh >

Anyway – more to come later.


Voodoo at the dog park today

Voodoo at the dog park today

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Allison, the dog sitter, took Voodoo to the dog park today. Apparently, she enjoyed herself. Got a good report from Allison, and even learned that it *is* possible to train Voodoo not to sleep on my bed or lounge on the couch. I can’t wait to try that. With daddy, you never know. I just have to remember not to spoil her 🙂 … too much.

This picture really picked me up today. I’m at a low point in my therapy and am getting fevers a couple of times today and just feel very blah. I just look at this photo and can’t wait for me to bend down and be licked all over by her.

This is day 15 in the hospital – hopefully just 2 weeks to go.

Fevers and favors

Yesterday and the day before, as well today, I’m running some mild-grade fevers. Nothing too upsetting, completely controllable and somewhat expected. But it’s reminding me just how fragile my body is right now. On top of that, this is such a period of uncertainty while we wait to see if we killed enough Leukemia cells and if my blood marrow can create good blood cells, the enormity of the situation weighs heavily on me at night and sleep evades me. For the past two night, I take Adavan which helps me sleep for a few hours and I don’t get full night. So tonight, they’re going to try Valium. (Can I wash it down with a side of Veuve?) 🙂

Day 9 10 (ooops)

(Actually, I’ve been in hospital 13 days now; it’s day 9 10 since they started the chemo)

So I am officially off the chemo now for a few days. We wait and watch my blood counts to make sure the chemo does its job. Statistically, the prognosis is looking good. I know that’s a weird of saying it, but my course of treatment is following 99.999% of other treatments which is a good indication. It’s also likely that I will not need a bone marrow transplant.

Yesterday, two interesting medical points of note – I spiked a fever which was easily controllable, and expected, and I had some platlets transfusuion (two bottles). I broke out in hives during the platlets but a little Benedryl and a good mid-morning nap and I was fine.

Late last night friends came to visit. It was great to see everyone and I’m really touched by our friendships. It also makes me feel almost totally worthless in this bed and in this condition. My focus generally isn’t what it could be and my desire to do work is outweighing my ability to do so. I know I have to accept this for another few weeks, but I don’t do “nothing” on vacations – even sitting by a pool, I’m reading, talking, playing a game or something. I am totally doing nothing in this condition because I just can’t focus. I just got a ton of DVDs and need to get a small portable player so I don’t have to take out the laptop everytime I want to watch. I think that’ll be today.

Best part so far is that I’m no longer hooked up to the IV pole 24×7, only at times when I need my medicine. This is a great thing and I’m hoping it will give me a little more freedom, though with interruptions every 18 minutes, all I really feel like doing is laying in bed and trying to snooze. 🙂

18 minutes! Or more frequently.

On average, every 18 minutes from the time I get up, until the time they take my bloods in the evening, there is another person from the hospital coming in out of the room. 18 minutes! That is the average. The rest of the stats bear out like this: in the earlier/later hours I will be interrupted at least once an hour, probably twice; during the morning, the average rate of interruption accelerates during the shift change so from 5:30am until the new shift settles in, the average interruption rate is closer to 7 minutes, and that happens twice a day! It is really the only complaint I have about the hospital and yet, I wasn’t getting this constant level of attentitiveness and good care, I’d probably be very much more upset.

Why no postings today?

I’m having a lazy day. All I really wanted to do yesterday was rest, but it felt like every few moments someone else was coming in here for something else. So I wanted a lazy day today. In fact, I got platlets this morning and was given two Benedryl tablets since I had some hive reaction to it. In any case, I’m keeping a log today of every things that happens, because I’m curious about the frequency and just how much real rest one can get in the hospital. I’m not going to publish details yet but welcomes comments to this post with predictions of the average number of minutes between events. Not sure how to reward the winner, but go for it.

Day 8

Well, I’m on my last bag of chemo right now. After this, we watch for infections and monitor my blood production. Early next week, we do another bone marrow biopsy to confirm that we’ve killed off the leukemia, and my doctor has said, statistically, that we’re doing really really well. This is very encouraging. But still such an annoyance to be on this damn hospital bed or chair for as many hours as I am, yet I can’t really do much of anything else just yet.

Lots of friends and family coming to visit over the next few days. Should be interesting. Good thing the camera is charged and ready to go. 🙂